OptionsHouse Stock Broker

OptionsHouse is one of the best and cheapest online stock brokers. The transaction cost per stock trade is $2.95 flat rate. The cost for trading options is 5 for $5 or $8.50 +.15/contract. The cost for spreads is 10 for $10 or $12.50 +.15/contract.

OptionsHouse is ranked the best for option traders by BARRON’S 2009 & 2010. It is backed by Peak6 Investments, L.P. One of the largest options trading firms in the U.S.

Virtual Trading with OptionsHouse

OptionsHouse offers a great virtual trading platform to test your stock and options trades. Learn to trade or test your strategies – before you invest. The system is built and tested by professional traders with more than a decade of experience, their virtual trading platform delivers the same professional-level tools, data and functionality as their live platform.

Trading Tools

OptionsHouse trading tools include streaming charts and news, volatility charts, a probability calculator, and an options hotlist, to name a few. Many of these tools were created by the options-trading pros at PEAK6, who continue to use the prototypes to generate and test option trading ideas.

Professional Investment Coaching

OptionsHouse Investment Coaching helps you learn how to more effectively capture opportunity and manage risk in your stock and options trading. The integrated learning environment offers you a customizable, self-paced solution based on your needs. Learn the PEAK6 Methodology and become a more effective investor who understands market risks and opportunities.


OptionsHouse has a bunch of promotions that you can choose from upon signup.

1. Free 1-year subscription to Barrons.com

2. Free 1-year subscription to Wall Street Journal

3. 100 commission-free trades.

Visit OptionsHouse to learn more.

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