What is Daily Momentum Trader?

Daily Momentum Trader is simply the best product out there that shows you how to day trade successfully. The program is created by Dr. Adrian Manz, who has been day trading for the past 14 years. He created a day trading system that has one feature, it is able to consistently spot trending stocks on NYSE virtually every single trading day of the year, despite how good or how bad the stock market is doing for the day. On 2011, Dr. Adrian Manz had an average of 4.75% net gains each month or nearly 50% for the year. If you invested $100,000 on 1/1/2011, your money just turned to $150,000 by the year end. Of course, the more money you invested, the more money you’ve gained.

Who is Dr. Adrain Manz?

Dr. Adrain Manz is a serious trader and a successfully trading gurus since 1998. Unline many of the “here today, gone tomorrow” trading gurus out there, Adrain is here to stay. He is a full time professional day trader. The track record of his day trading plain is astonishing.

A trading account started with $30,000 dollars on January 1, 2011, trading just 300 shares, could have potentially grown to approximately $44,877 as of November 20, 2011. But by applying leverage and trading 1,000 shares, this same account could have grown to $79,590. That’s an annual gain of 165.3%… in a BAD year!

As an expert in the behavior of large groups, Adrian developed a unique approach to day trading stocks based on certain fixed patterns or setups in the large cap equities markets. He has given these daily patterns easy-to-remember-and-visualize names like the Fast Ball, Infield Fly, Line Drive, 3-2 Pitch, Backdoor Slider, Switch Hitter, Double Header, and so on.

Daily Momentum Trader Review

I highly recommend every trader to signup with Daily Momentum Trader. Whether you are a stock market beginner or experience trader, you will find Daily Momentum Trader helpful and could double your portfolio in less than a year.

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